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Tips to help you, help your website

  1. SEO Tip - Make sure you have keywords in your Page titles and body paragraphs. You can't hire someone to put you on the top of the front page of Google, I'm sorry:( but you can take steps to get you there. It takes time and lots of engagement!

  2. Make sure any images on your website aren't blurry! It's not flattering nor does it look professional. I know, you LOVE that image, but it's too small for where you want it to be, DON'T USE IT!!!:)

  3. ADVERTISE. ADVERTISE. ADVERTISE!!! No one will ever know that your website exists unless you put it in people's faces! This means get into groups and reply to people needing your services drop your website link! Run an ad for a low daily budget, engage with others as much as you can! This all helps get the word out.

  4. Be sure you know who your target audience is! This is sooooo important people! If you aren't sure, take some time to get it figured out so you are using your energy to the right person.

I hope that these tips have helped a few of you! If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to email me1

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